Our Vision

We believe everybody should be able to access all the fashion information on any device… Without limitations

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve, curate, maintain and deliver fashion heritage and history to all fashionistas worldwide. Whenever, Wherever.

Leading the way in digital fashion content distribution

Meet This Is Fashion, the largest digital library of fashion content – recent and archived magazines, films, documentaries, TV series and books. This content will be available to our wide audience of fashion students, aficionados and the general public on smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions. But don’t take our word for it, Please take a moment to try our app.

Re-Monitize aged content

The clichéd resting place for old magazines is a table in some dentist’s office. Although this outcome does result in a sizeable readership, it is impossible to measure, and therefore impossible to accurately charge your advertisers for. With This Is Fashion, you can continue monetizing – and measuring the impact of – your content, long after the date on the front cover.

Reach an entire new readership

One of the Internet’s attractions is the possibility of accessing information anywhere, anytime. Millennials are a generation on the move, and the next generation of consumers that advertisers are looking to reach. What better way to reach today’s hottest target market than by delivering the content directly into their hands?

Refresh your interaction with global readers

Boost the number of eyes that see the advertisements in your magazines, catwalk videos and film material with This Is Fashion’s global mixed audience.

Convenient new revenue stream

This Is Fashion does not only display your content to millions of viewers, we also support content producers with our revenue share model.

Boost online single issue sales

Offline single-issue sales have been steadily dropping over the last 5 years. Give your readership a new way of connecting with your brand with online sales via This Is Fashion’s easy-to-access digital platform.

Broadcast your brand

Broadcasting catwalks generates more value for brands, engaging audiences worldwide. Publishing this content on an online platform with the reach and engagement of This Is Fashion increases the viral potential of your video content and maximizes your marketing budget. So, what are you waiting for?

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