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Starts in 2 Days – #SavingFashion Indiegogo campaign Pre Register NOW!

This Is Fashion is thrilled to announce that in 2 days it kicks off the #SavingFashion heritage campaign on IndieGoGo. The world’s first democratically funded initiative to digitize all fashion media and make it available to the general public; starting 23-02-2019.

This is fashion, a start-up that is currently deploying the largest online fashion media library. Is the worlds first fashion company to democratize their funding process. They do so by launching an STO; tokenizing their stock in full compliance with the financial regulatory offices. The token offers the same privileges that normal shares offer with one difference. This fundraiser is special, instead of aiming at the major banks. This Is Fashion believes everybody should be able to invest in the future of fashion media. Institutional investors and the This Is Fashion clientele they dubbed the “#FashionHeroes” alike. … Read More