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This Is Fashion Announces:  #SavingFashion Campaign date;



02-01-2019, Amsterdam – This Is Fashion is thrilled to announce the kickoff date for the #SavingFashion heritage campaign. The world’s first democratically funded initiative to digitize all fashion media and make it available to the general public in all languages; starting 23-02-2019.

#SavingFashion, an initiative backed by This Is Fashion, is on a mission to digitize and share all fashion media.   They do so by launching an Indiegogo campaign on 23-02-2019. Their goal is to raise between 125.000 ~ 1.000.000 euro to invest in the digitization and delivery of all vintage and new fashion media to the general public. For the first 100 early bird #FashionHeroes, they offer a special discount of 60% on their packages.

The campaign is aimed at everyone that loves fashion and our fashion heritage in particular; their mission: ”Digitize and deliver all fashion media to all fashion lovers, in any language, on any device.” Their backers; lovingly dubbed the #FashionHeroes get access to special perks like:

  • Personalized thank you notes
  • Early access to the This Is Fashion application
  • Invitations to global This Is Fashion events
  • Dinners with the #SavingFashion / This Is Fashion team
  • Invitations to This Is fashion events

More information on the IndieGoGo campaign can be found here



The initiative has received wide industry support pledges from all over the globe. In their preparations, the team has polled fashion schools, students, industry insiders, and fashion lovers to connect them to the mission. They had meetings with global media companies like Conde Nast, Hearst, Lagardére Burda, Meredith, and Marie Claire group to gain the media support for their mission. During a presentation in Berlin last March, they managed to onboard Chris Llewelyn (Ex CEO for FIPP – The network for global media) as one of their advisors. giving them access to most high ranking players in the market.


What is This Is Fashion

This Is Fashion is a global online fashion streaming platform that gives all worldwide fashion lovers access to all fashion media content – A “Netflix for fashion” if you will. The library is filled with Catwalks, Magazines, Films, Documentaries, Books and Lookbooks dating back to the early 1800’s. Their goal is to make all fashion content available for a wide public, vintage, heritage or the newest editions in any language and on any device. To do so they collaborate with film-studios, brands and publishing-houses like Marie Claire, Grazia, Chanel, Elle and other major and artisan players in the fashion world. Their services enable fashion lovers to read and find all international fashion media against a lower price and while offering publishers exciting new revenue models on their archives and recent editions. (


Proceeds in this Campaign

This Is Fashion uses the proceeds to launch their platform and digitize heritage that features content from brands like Marie Claire, Grazia, Elle, Chanel, and others. With this investment, This Is Fashion adds more vintage fashion related Films, Documentaries, Magazines, Books and Lookbooks to her ever-expanding archive. It helps This Is Fashion to onboard more external investors and in her mission: ”Digitize and deliver all fashion media to all fashion lovers, whenever and wherever they desire.”



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