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This Is Fashion Announces TIFstock; world’s first regulated “Fashion STO” (Security Token Offering)



14-08-2018, Amsterdam – This Is Fashion is thrilled to announce TIFstock, the world’s first Fully Regulated Fashion STO (Security Token Offering) backed by corporate shares, beginning 14-08-2018.


This is fashion, a start-up that is currently deploying the largest online fashion media library, is the worlds first fashion company to democratize their funding process. They do so by launching an STO; tokenizing their stock in full compliance with the financial regulatory offices. The token offers the same privileges that normal shares offer with one difference. This fundraiser is special, instead of aiming at the major banks, This Is Fashion believes everybody should be able to invest in the future of fashion media. Institutional investors and the This Is Fashion clientele they dubbed the “#FashionHeroes” alike.



This Is Fashions TIFstock tokens are sold as cryptographic tokens on the Etherium blockchain. TIFstock carries the same rights as normal shares would with an IPO, giving shareholders voting, dividend and a say within the company during shareholder meetings, they have the option to trade their shares to realize more their stock value. The difference is that TIFstock tradeable in the same convenient way regular crypto coins are.


Cheaper and faster transactions

Transactions via this Fashion STO lower the costs associated with a shareholder buy-in within an LTD (B.V.) from 2400 euro to 14 cents. Making investments in a company more accessible to a wider range of investors and even the general (International) public. This Is Fashion partnered with to bring this alternate way of funding to a wide range of range of businesses. Sander Kooger, This Is Fashion’s CEO added:” Not only is this an exciting and new way to fund our efforts, we have the opportunity and responsibility to reshape startup funding for the next decade.” This is Fashion will opensource all documents created during this process on their Github. Laying the foundations needed for other entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps at a fraction of the cost.


Proceeds in this STO

This Is Fashion uses the proceeds to launch their platform that features content from brands like Marie Claire, Grazia, Elle, Chanel, and others. With this investment, This Is Fashion adds more fashion related Films, Documentaries, Magazines, Books and Lookbooks to her ever-expanding archive. It helps This Is Fashion to succeed in her mission: “To preserve, curate, maintain and deliver the fashion heritage and future to all fashionistas worldwide. Whenever, Wherever.”


What is This Is Fashion

This Is Fashion is a global online fashion archive that gives all worldwide fashion lovers access to all fashion media content. The library is filled with Catwalks, Magazines, Films, Documentaries, Books and Lookbooks dating back to the early 1800’s. Their goal is to make all fashion content available for a wide public, vintage or the newest editions. To do so they collaborate with film-studios, brands and publishing-houses like Marie Claire, Grazia, Chanel, Elle and other major players in the fashion world. Their services enable fashion lovers to read and find all international fashion media against a lower price and they offer publishers exciting new revenue models on their archives and recent editions. (


Chris Llewelyn: “For the consumer, the sheer depth and breadth this one-stop fashion platform promises together with its ease of use are just so enticing. From the media owner’s point of view, This Is Fashion is a simple partnership and a no-risk source of new revenue. In particular, it opens up the potential to monetise a brand’s content archive, offering an extremely lucrative high-margin return. A win-win for everyone involved.” – Chris is the former CEO for the FIPP – “the network for global media” (FIPP), and an advisor for This Is Fashion.



This Is Fashion – Netflix for fashion

TIFstock – Tokenized Shares