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PRESS-RELEASE: This Is Fashion Announces Chris Llewellyn as an official advisor



06-07-2018, London – This Is Fashion, Worlds leading Fashion media library is pleased to announce Chris Llewellyn has been named advisor in an official capacity. Naming Chris strengthens one of the most important pillars for This is fashion; content acquisition, for the soon to be launched global online fashion library. Within the company, Chris brings all the knowledge of print media they need to make deals.


Chris Llewellyn has been supporting This Is Fashion for 3 months. He coached This Is Fashion as an advisor and acted as a sounding board for their content negotiations, his support in strengthening the media proposition of this is fashion has had a drastic effect on the companies pitching efficiency, leading to a deal with one major content supplier and putting them on the table with Lagardére, Marie Claire, Grazia, Time Inc, and many other international players.


Chris Llewellyn’s Responsibilities:

Chris is advising on This Is Fashion’s day to day content acquisition strategy, iterating the existing strategy into a stronger even more successful version with each lesson learned. He acts as an advisor for the Management team using the C level experience he built at the world leading media corporations. Chris his appointment means that This is fashion is ready to negotiate with increasingly larger players in the international media field.


Note from Chris

It was in March 2018 at one of Europe’s top media conferences, The Digital Innovators’ Summit, in Berlin that I met an interesting entrepreneur, Sander Kooger. He talked me through his idea for This Is Fashion. The project sounded ambitious and it sounded exciting. As I had spent more than 25 years in international magazine publishing I could see immediately that his business idea was capturing a real need for both the consumer and media owner.

For the consumer the sheer depth and breadth this one-stop fashion platform promises together with its ease of use is just so enticing. From the media owner’s point of view This Is Fashion is a simple partnership and a no-risk source of new revenue. In particular it opens up the potential to monetise a brand’s content archive, offering an extremely lucrative high-margin return. A win-win for everyone involved.

And so I offered to help Sander, and his co-founder, Michael Brenninkmeijer, meet the key people in the fashion magazine world of New York, Paris, London and Milan. It’s a journey that has started well, and one that I’m sure will have a wonderful conclusion.’


Chris Llewellyn

Advisor This Is Fashion

Former CEO Federation of International Print Publishers

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