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Bert Heitink joins This Is Fashion as an official advisor



31-07-2018, Amsterdam – This Is Fashion, Worlds leading Fashion media library is pleased to announce the cyber-security expert and entrepreneur Bert Heitink joined the This Is Fashion advisory team. Bert, the newest addition to the advisory team brings the knowledge and experience to bring our security to a higher level. This will not add to the fortification of our library and mobile platform but also add to the security of the TIFstock STO (Security Token Offering) that is currently in progress. Giving the This Is Fashion team the extra support to negate potential security threats.


Platform security

This Is Fashion’s platform contains intellectual property owned by high-end fashion brands, publishers and movie studios. For the company, this means security is an integral part of their technology strategy. Next to content security, the platform contains an incredible amount of user data. Data used to recomend content, push the right notifications and feed our A.I. Bert brings the needed expertise to help This Is Fashion to manage the technical and human aspects for such an operation.


Bert Heitink

Bert Heitink has more than 19 experience in IT and information security, after working at a startup he moved to a full time into a position as IT security consultant with operational management and ethical hacking experience. In 2004 he founded his first company specialized in information security, ethical hacking, security audits, penetration testing and security design. He implemented security operations centers all for major players all over Europe. After selling his first company Sincerus, he reinvented himself and aimed to support both government and business in deploying and operating SOC’s. The one thing Bert enjoys more than his day job empowering others to grow by coaching and supporting them.


Sander Kooger: “The additional knowledge Bert brings is vital for our team. Bert has the ability to not only spot weak points in both business and cybersecurity procedures; he empowers a team to fix those mistakes in a way I haven’t seen before. He has always been a mentor to me, and I am very proud to welcome him aboard! – Sander is the CEO for This Is Fashion.


What is This Is Fashion

This Is Fashion is a global online fashion archive that brings all worldwide fashion lovers to access to all fashion media content. a library is filled with Catwalks, Magazines, Films, Documentaries, Books and Lookbooks dating back to the early 1800’s. Their goal is to make all fashion content available for a wide public, vintage or the newest editions. To do so they collaborate with film-studios, brands and publishing-houses like Marie Claire, Grazia, Chanel, Elle and other major players in the fashion world. Their services enable fashion lovers to read and find all international fashion media against a lower price and they offer publishers exciting new revenue models on their archives and recent editions. (


Chris Llewelyn: “For the consumer, the sheer depth and breadth this one-stop fashion platform promises together with its ease of use are just so enticing. From the media owner’s point of view, This Is Fashion is a simple partnership and a no-risk source of new revenue. In particular, it opens up the potential to monetise a brand’s content archive, offering an extremely lucrative high-margin return. A win-win for everyone involved.” – Chris is the former CEO for the Federation of International Print Publishers (FIPP), and an advisor for This Is Fashion.



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